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Rules and regulations

Membership rules as of January 2007

Membership and renewal

1. Membership shall be valid for 12 months from the date of membership being granted to the applicant or being renewed. The management reserve the right to refuse any application for initial or renewed membership. The management shall be under no obligation to explain the reason for any refusal to grant or renew membership.
2. Memberships are not transferable. Members must not lend their membership card to any other person.
3. A Member may not suspend his or her membership for any period of time.

Entrance to Rex

4. Members may bring with them to the Club up to 3 non-member guests without prior arrangement and free of any entrance fee. Members must however inform the management should they be expecting any guests to arrive before their own arrival, as such guests will not be admitted without prior notification.
5. Additional guests may be accommodated by prior arrangement. Members must telephone Rex to request a "guest list" if they wish to bring more than 4 non-member guests. The number of additional guests any Member shall be permitted to invite shall be at the discretion of the management.
6. The management would prefer Members to ensure that there is an equal distribution of ladies to gentlemen amongst the guests they wish to invite to Rex.
7. Members must arrive with their membership card. If a Member fails to arrive with his or her membership card the management reserve the right to refuse entry to such Member.
8. Membership does not always guarantee admission. The management are required under various laws and regulations not to exceed the designated capacity of the premises. Once capacity has been reached the management shall operate a 'one out - one in' door policy.
9. Although there is no formal dress code at Rex, the management reserve the right to refuse admission to any Member or guest wearing inappropriate clothing.
10. Occasionally, Rex may be reserved for private functions and entrance to Members may be restricted or denied as appropriate. Members shall have priority access to booking the club for private functions.
11. The management always reserve the right of admission.

Conduct whilst on the premises of The Rex Club

12. Members shall be responsible for the conduct of their guests and shall ensure that such guests do not themselves breach or cause any Member to breach any of these rules and regulations.
13. No Member nor any guest of any Member shall carry on or be engaged in, anywhere within the premises of The Rex Club, any profession, business, trade or conduct which is or may be prejudicial to the welfare and/or reputation of The Rex Club or which in any way or to any extent is or may be illegal or disreputable.
14. Members and their guests must respect the privacy of fellow Members and their guests. No Member or any guest shall reveal directly or indirectly to any media source the identity of other Members or their guest's, discuss their conduct or the company they keep. Members and their guests must not take any photographs of any other Member or any other Member's guests and no audio or other visual recording devices are to be used whilst on the premises.
15. Members and their guests must follow the instructions given to them by any member of the staff team whilst on the premises of The Rex Club including vacating the premises if requested to do so.
16. Members and their guests must respect the premises and property of The Rex Club and treat the staff at all times with courtesy and good manners.
17. If any Member may have a complaint about any person on the staff team then such complaint should be directed to the management and not the staff member in question.
18. Every Member and guest must pay his or her food and/or bar bill before leaving the premises. A Member will be responsible for payment of any restaurant and/or bar bill of his or her guest if such guest does not settle such bill. Entry to The Rex Club will be refused if any bill remains unpaid.

Breach of these rule and regulations

19. If any Member shall breach any of these rules and regulations or if any Member shall introduce a guest to The Rex Club who shall breach any of these rules and regulations then the management shall be entitled to expel the relevant Member and/or the relevant guest or any number of such Member's guests from the premises immediately. The management shall also be entitled to cancel the relevant Member's membership and on notification to him or her in writing at the address given in the relevant Member's application form or in person at the premises of The Rex Club he or she shall cease to be a Member. For the purposes of this rule notice shall be deemed to be given 24 hours from the time of posting of the notice and where notice is given in person at the premises of The Rex Club oral notice will suffice.
20. Any Member whose membership shall be cancelled for reason of breach of these rules or other misconduct shall not be entitled to enter the premises and all sums, which he or she shall have paid for membership, shall be forfeited.


21. The property of Members or their guests whether or not entrusted to any member of staff, left within the cloak room for safe custody or for any other purpose, or left elsewhere on the premises of The Rex Club shall be at the sole risk of the relevant Member or the relevant guest and The Rex Club disclaims any liability for the loss or damage to any such property.
22. If a Member's membership card is lost or stolen he or she should inform the management. The Member will be required to obtain a replacement membership card for which there shall be levied a charge of £25.
23. Under no circumstances whatsoever is food or drink which is purchased outside of The Rex permitted into the venue, the management have the right to safe keep or confiscate the items from any persons at anytime, at their discretion.

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